I was a Fitgenes patient before I became a Fitgenes practitioner. 

This is my Fitgenes story:

I suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, PMS & pre menstrual dysphoric disorder, hormone imbalance, mood swings, IBS, a host of allergies and intolerances, eczema, persistent adult acne, and severe chronic migraines almost daily for 20 years.  Given the pain and suffering these conditions brought to my life I absolutely jumped at the chance to be able to prevent my future children from having the same medical problems. 

 That is if I was capable of keeping a pregnancy...  

 I had also just experienced 2 consecutive late miscarriages. 

 According to my genetic profile results I followed the recommendations for supplementation, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition and within 2 weeks so many of my symptoms had magically gone away.  The first thing I noticed within a few days was how much more energy I had.  Over the next 2 weeks the moodiness and the last of the migraines disappeared.  I had already got down from 6/week to 2 a month from The Migraine Clinic treatments.  I had my first regular 28 day period in years without any PMS or PMDD.  The IBS symptoms went away completely, my skin started to clear up and I just felt so fantastic and optimistic.  

 At the first opportunity after this I became pregnant, had the most wonderful pregnancy, and have the happiest healthiest little girl I know.

 I was so impressed with the dramatic way that Fitgenes had changed my life that I went to Australia to train to be a Fitgenes practitioner almost immediately.  I left behind my career as a dentist to pursue my lifelong dream, of having a migraine clinic, full time.  I was very excited to add Fitgenes to The Migraine Clinic umbrella.  Over time it became clear that the Fitgenes profiles were helping so many people with such varied conditions that it outgrew this umbrella and hence Fitgenes with Libby was born and is my main focus now. 

Get your Fitgenes profile with Dr. Libby Dickens DDS,BS,MS, and certified fitgenes practitioner. Serving USA and New Zealand clients.

Find more information at the following sites:  

 www.fitgenes.com                                                                       The Migraine Clinic