Fitgenes Success

Fitgenes has helped Olympic level athletes make that crucial final cut. It’s helped  baby boomers who want to age well and gracefully.  It’s helped mom’s lose weight.  It’s helped cross fit enthusiasts save time and money while maximizing their gain from their efforts.  It’s helped kids with eczema and food intolerances.  It’s helped reluctant husbands to look at their eating, exercise and lifestyle habits objectively with great benefit.  It’s helped moody wives to find the perfect balance.  It’s helped Fitness experts stay ahead of the game.  I believe I owe my daughters life to Fitgenes and it certainly helped me attain the ideal health I always longed for.  

Here’s what a few of my clients have to say…

  •  After more than 15 years of trying to understand more about the causes of some of my health issues, three months after receiving my Fitgenes results I have a much clearer understanding of what helps and what hinders my overall health and wellbeing. It has helped to confirm suspected issues as well as identifying further areas I can target.

While the results are quantitative, the practitioner who administrates the interpretation of the results is instrumental in the process. Libby takes a complete approach to your health and wellbeing, allowing for a more meaningful interpretation, and use of the results. Her ability to explain medical terms to a layman such as myself helped me to better understand and take ownership of my health. 

Health and wellbeing is not 'once size fits all'. For anyone wanting to understand more about their health, or improve their level of wellbeing I would recommend learning more about what works for you, and Fitgenes is a good way to do this.

  •  I have for several years practiced sensible eating including gluten free, no sugar and alcohol.  This provided me with an improvement in my health.  The results of my AMY1 test provided me with the other pieces of the jigsaw.  By following the test result recommendations, I have experienced a huge improvement in my quality of life and it was easy.